March 27, 2008

Radio-Conteau Savoy Pinot Noir 2005 @ Aigre Doux

Radio-Conteau Pinot Noir
Wow, fantastic. This is the first restaurant photo AWineAWeek has seen, and it was worth your wait. Unfortunately, this is way out of the realm of my $15 cheap wine target, so it's not even fair to compare it on my rating scale. At $50 a bottle, even the vineyard is sold out online. The Radio-Coteau Savoy could possibly be the best pinot noir I've had - had complex, full flavors - surprising for a Pinot. As I was dining with seven others, everyone commented on it's excellence. John Battelle, who is from wine country (Marin), certainly knew what he was doing when he chose this California gem. We dined at Aigre Doux in Chicago, which was a delicious, overpriced French restaurant (I wonder what they marked this wine up to). Venison, duck, and suckling pig were a few of the treats enjoyed with the 3 bottles wine. I hope to find this wine somewhere so I can enjoy it again. It's amazing how a great wine makes for a great night.

A shout out to Mr. Aaron Goldman, who snapped this photo and is currently in the hospital as his wife went into labor this afternoon. AG: may tonight's champaign be as delicious as last night's wine. Cheers!

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