December 5, 2008

2005 Beauzeaux California Red Blend

2005 Beauzeaux Red
About a week after thanksgiving, after the allure of turkey is gone but the leftovers remain, it's time for the casserole...or 'hot dish' as those in the North call it. It's when everything goes into a dish with cheese and/or cream of mushroom to disguise the same food you've been eating for a week.

Well, Beazeaux, from Beaulieu Vineyards, is a casserole of grapes. This blend has about every grape you've ever encountered: zinfandel, syrah, carbono, petite syrah, lagrein, valdiguie, grenache, and tempranillo.

There isn't much good about this wine - it tastes cheap, too harsh & strong. Strong black cherry flavors, not in a good way, though. As I take the long sip to taste the details, I just want to swallow and get the rubbing alcohol flavors down. 2/10 rating. $5 at Sam's Wine.

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Darian said...

Ihaven't had this wine yet, but I trust your palate. Hard to believe Sam's would offer up such a poor quality wine. While not every wine at $5 can be a winner, maybe they need to do a slightly better job if they're going to put their name behind it (by selling it).