April 6, 2008

Chateau Malbec 2005 Bordeaux

Chateau Malbec Bordeaux 2005
It's been over 60 degrees (that's over 16 Celsius, my good international readers) all weekend so as I write this on Sunday night, I am exhausted. The wife is out with friends for dinner, I put the little one to bed, and cooked a 12oz. NY strip steak on the grill and had the last glass of this bottle with it. With all of the weekend activity, my back was killing me, so I took some fine "back medicine" which lead to putting on a 1974 Dead show. By the time the meat came off the barbie and enjoyed a sip, I was in Wonderland. The wine complemented my rare meat very well. In fact, we opened this bottle on Thursday and sipped it while watching some Wife Swap, but weren't big fans due to strong acidity and heavy tannins. Lesson learned, the 2005 Chateau Malbec Bordeaux needs a big steak, pharmaceuticals, and some Grateful Dead for optimal enjoyment.


David Barnes said...

I emjoy many things much much more when adding the Dead, meds and a NY strip. So that makes it a 6ish 5ish?

Michael Weber said...

We also enjoyed the wine more the second day; but even the first day enjoyed the lack of fruit-forwardness and the tannins.