January 1, 2008

About Us and This Here Blog

Jeff Campbell
The plan is to drink 52 different bottles of wine in 2008. Call it a New Year's Resolution. We'll rate 'em, discuss 'em, compare 'em...most importantly, drink 'em and bring you along on the journey.

We are a 30 yr. old married couple with a newborn. After years on the bar scene, life has calmed down over the past year and the 4am burrito has been replaced with a dinner, wine, and a movie...and a 11pm weekend bedtime.

We love to travel, we love to drink wine, we love to eat...go ahead, read about it. The purpose of this blog is to simply remember the good wine we've had so we have it again and avoid the bad or mediocre, as life is just too short.

At our favorite vineyard in South Africa, there was a quote on the tasting menu which sums it up well: "Water separates the people of the world, wine unites them."



jcca said...

Just finishing a bottle of Bodega Norton Reserva, Malbec 2004. Very good, your thoughts??

CJeffCampbell said...

jcca - I've enjoyed it a few times and would agree; I'll have to pick it up soon to give it a full review on here. Thanks for the heads up!