January 24, 2008

Conte Priola Pinot Noir

Conte Priola Pinot NoirMy Dad, who typically sticks to top notch wines, served us this while in Naples in late January. It was good, but not amazing or impressive. What was impressive was it was only $6.99/bottle that came from a manager recommendation. We had never had an Italian Pinot Noir, and it was certainly stronger than your typical Pinot...almost Chianti-like. Conte Priola gets a thumb up for the value of this Pinot Noir Delle Venezie, but an overall 5 out of 10 on the taste scale - it was a bit 'grapey'. It's a good weekday wine when you may just want a glass or two and are fine letting the remainder go down the drain if it happens to turn before you can revisit it. Try it, make up your own opinion, but I don't think we'll go hunting this down again.

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