March 19, 2008

Winner: La Forge Estate Syrah 2006

La Forge Syrah
Excellent surprise for Wednesday Wine Night (it was a long day at work, lay off). Very strong and very dry. Although I'm sipping it on the couch right now, it deserves a big steak or red pasta with it. Not much could overpower this bold French Syrah. 8/10 stars. At $9.99, it's the first sub-$10 wine to make my top tier list. Smokey campfire smells and a loooooong finish. So dry, i'm not sure I'm swallowing anything ;). This wine is not for the faint of heart. It was a reco from Sam's Wine, although their description was a bit over the top:
This wine smells like breakfast, with it’s aromas of blueberry jam, toast, bacon and coffee with cream.
They go on to say it embarrasses many $30 syrahs - that I can agree with!


Rose said...

Going to Sam's tonight and i'm going to try this so it better be good!

CG said...

I like it too! I'm not getting that desert-dry effect though. Seems like there still some fruit coming through for me.