March 28, 2008

Two Angels High Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2006

Two Angels Sauvignon Blanc
Crisp & dry, that's how I like my Sauvignon Blancs...and this would be the opposite. The Two Angels is a smooth, simple wine with melon flavors, and grapefruit on the tail end. Props on the great raised artwork on the label. Created in 1591, it's around the theme of jovial inebriation and the resulting trauma of the morning after (click pic to view larger size). The 14.2% alcohol will help this image come to life, sans wings.

$13 at Costco. This Napa Sauvignon reminds me that the good stuff comes from New Zealand. 5.5/10 rating. Give this a try if you are trying to get into Sauvignon Blancs, but not if you like 'em crisp & dry like me. Wine Enthusiast gave this one a 91 rating and other good reviews are out there. Feel free to comment if you disagree with my mediocre rating for this mediocre wine.

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