March 30, 2008

Alban Viognier Central Coast 2005 @ Sola

Alban Viognier California
The jury was out on recommending this one. The Alban Viognier Central Coast caught our eye on the wine menu at Sola last night, which is one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants. The four of us did agree that it didn't go with any of our meals (salmon, tile fish, or mahi), which is a polite way of saying we didn't like it. You can find it online for around $30, and the restaurant had it priced at $55. We did finish the bottle but wouldn't order it again. Note we had the 2005, not the 2004 as pictured.

The wine had nearly 16% alcohol, which was evident in the finish along with grapefruit and possibly peach or lemon flavors. Tropical fruits on the nose; it certainly smelled better than it tasted.

T. T-R-U. T-R-U-C-K, keep on TRUCKIN' all the way...past this one. 3 or 4 for the rating out of 10 - maybe we needed a different dish, probably chicken, to make this work.

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