April 6, 2008

Study: Pesticides found in euro wine

After all of the studies on how healthy wine can be (in moderation, of course), here's the latest:
PARIS, April 4 (UPI) -- A European environmental group said pesticides used on grapes were found in 35 of the 40 bottles of wine they tested.

Pesticide Action Network Europe, working with groups on Austria, France and Germany, said a study found pesticides in all the conventional wines, and a low level of pesticide residues in one of six organic wines. The analysis revealed 24 different pesticide contaminants in the wines.
Didn't a Simpson's episode once warn us of these atrocities? At least we've got North & South America, New Zealand & Australian bottles to choose from. It's not a news flash for me that most of the over processed, genetically altered, franken-food is going to kill me. At least I'll die with a full belly and a smile...


Bryson said...

Zut alors. Thanks for the warning. Now my whiskey-drinking seems healthy.

David Barnes said...

Cali might not be safe either: http://www.pesticideinfo.org/DS.jsp?sk=29143

I'm with Bryson, Makers seems like a healthy alternative.