July 5, 2008

2005 J. Garcia Cabernet Sauvignon North Coast

2005 J. Garcia Cabernet Sauvignon North Coast
So I'm a HUGE Grateful Dead fan. It started in High School with over 200 live shows on tape (aka "bootlegs") and now my baby enjoys Garcia's (and Grisman's) Not For Kids Only kids CD. I've spent endless blurry hours arguing if 1974 vs. 1977 was their greatest year as a band and making fun of the posers who own the Skeletons from the Closet CD (a best of CD with studio cuts?!?! ;) ). My favorite Jerry solo disc, Lonesome Prison Blues, is now playing and the stage is set to crack her open...

Much love for all 9 fingers of Mr. Garcia, but I didn't think crafting wine was his talent. I figured his name was selling this wine - WRONG. My wife and I were both pleasantly surprised by this $13 gem. First off, this wine is drinkable immediately - no waiting around for flavors to come out or decanting necessary. Perfect for taking over to someone's BBQ when you know it's going to be opened shortly - plus it's a talking piece with the name & artwork (1991's Desert Storm is featured here). Rich black fruits, mainly blackberry. Vanilla and spice on the nose. We both commented on the great aromas immediately. Many complex flavors for an inexpensive wine, and it ended very well with more vanilla and slight coffee tastes. A superior 7/10 rating for Jerry's Cabernet Sauvignon purchased at Sam's Wine. Thank you again, Jerry.

We can share the women, but we won't share this wine.

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