October 12, 2008

Fruit Machine 2006 Shiraz

Fruit Machine 2006 Shiraz South Eastern Australia
I'm not sure what audience they are targeting with the Tin Man on the label and the name "Fruit Machine", but children everywhere would enjoy this over-fruited kool-aid. This South Eastern Australian sugar bomb is just waiting to give you a headache tomorrow (as it did me). Also, drink the entire bottle the night it's open, as it didn't quite last until the second night. Maybe I'll cut it with a few ice cubes tonight and make a nice spritzer ;)

I figured this was worth $6 just to make fun of the label when I purchased it at Sam's last month...little did I know the contents were equally laughable. This one's for the kids (er, birds); the Tin Man has no heart. 2/10 rating since I didn't pour it out.

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