November 19, 2008

Tablas Creek 2006 Cotes de Tablas Blanc

inexpensive white rhone blend
Don't let the French name mislead you, this white blend was grown in Paso Robles, CA. That said, the Tablas Creek Vineyard is dedicated to growing grape varieties traditional to France's Rhone Valley. You can taste the rocky/mineral heavy terrain immediately, followed by a soft, clean finish. It's a bit sweet/fruity, but not overwhelming. Hints of apricot & white peach.

What not to eat with this wine: blackened tuna. The Cotes de Tablas could stand up to a chicken in a heavy cream sauce or would be good with just grilled chicken and vegetables - just don't pair this wine with spice. This would be the perfect Thanksgiving day wine with Turkey - I just couldn't wait.

Tablas Creek used 59% Viognier, 32% Marsanne, 6% Grenache Blanc, & 3% Roussanne to make this white Rhone blend. I picked it up at Sam's Wine for $18. It's a bit pricey, but it stands out from it's competition: 6/10 rating.

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