November 14, 2008

2004 Longridge Pinotage South Africa

2004 Longridge Pinotage South Africa
The price tag still shows the R95.00 we paid for this while in Stellenbosch, South Africa in 2006. That's just under $10 at today's conversion rate and ~$13 when we visited. Cape Town was unbelievably cheap when we visited and with the Rand even lower now, make the trip if you can. The wine, the food, the views...spectacular.

Hauling this excellent Pinotage across the world was certainly worth it. My initial reaction to this wine was 'wow, what a great bouquet'. A very heavy tobacco smell and flavor which makes it very strong. It's also sweet - ripe cherries and plums. Somewhere in-between the sweet start and the tobacco finish, the Pinotage has a creamy vanilla hint for a split second. All of these flavors in an under $15 wine, fantastic. You can find this 2004 for several places online for about R100.00, but I didn't look into if they shipped to the U.S.

8/10 rating: hunt this one down.

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