January 10, 2009

Mike Ditka Da' Coach 2005 Merlot

Mike Ditka Da Coach 2005 Merlot
It's Saturday night and I'm watching NFL Playoffs, which unfortunately don't involve DA BEARS. But I did enjoy the new Coors Light commerical with Da Coach that aired eariler. If you weren't aware, we are moving from Chicago to Charlotte in the coming weeks, so as I sit here drinking my Ditka juice, I'm cheering for my new hometown team, the Carolina Panthers (based in Charlotte, if you weren't aware).

Ditka still may be more popular in Chicago than Obama, so it's no surprise that wine yuppies are spending their dollars. That said, I would have expected to see his face on Old Style or PBR first, but I guess that's not where the margins are. The tagline on the bottle is "attitude, character, enthusiam." Southsiders, keep to your cans of beer...this one's for the Northsiders. ;)

Not a lot of complexities in this bottle, most notible are the cherry flavors which are on the tart side with the oaky finish. I'd recommend this as a good weekday pizza wine. My wife commented that it was too dry for her liking. We both agree on an average 5/10 rating. My fellow Chicagoans will probably shoot me for NOT giving Da Coach a perfect score...better hurry up and skip town. $9 at Costco.

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