September 3, 2009

Dona Paula Estate 2008 Malbec

Dona Paula Estate Malbec
About 60 minutes after opening this bottle of wine, I was blindsided by a cold that knocked me out of commission for 2 nights. On night three, I'm trying to sniffle through this slightly turned bottle of wine, but am not having much luck activating my overly Day-Quilled tastebuds.

I should have reviewed this Malbec the first night rather than stumble through this post, but c'est la vie. Although I don't remeber the tasting details, it was average at best. I'll give it a 4/10, but don't take this review as gospel due to the circumstances. $11 at Costco.

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Unsavory said...

You scratch malbec, I'll scratch yourbec.