September 18, 2009

Castano 2007 Monastrell Yecla

Castano 2007 Monastrell Yecla Wine
This Spanish red wine is light and sweet with a rocky, twang of a finish. It's $8-9 online, but I picked it up for $11 at Total Wine (apparently overpriced there). Very juicy, very plum, very sweet.

I can't say I've ever tasted the Monastrell grape, it's certainly interesting and unlike any wine I've had. Worth the novelty just to try something new (for under $10). Spain, keepin' it real cheap. 6/10 rating, avoid if you are into the dry wines.

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Unsavory said...

I had this with a can of Heinz Baked Beans (with sausage). Fantastic.

The fruity flavors provided the buoyant force necessary to highlight the sausage-y topnotes and really bring out the tomcat in my baked beans.