November 24, 2009

Wily Jack 2007 California Zinfandel

First off, hello Marlboro Man, do you come with cigarettes? Second off, great wine website. Clearly a target audience of 21-30, there are features such as “Upload a Picture of You with Wily Jack” and the ability to fan Wily Jack on Facebook. What got me to the website was the back label; there is an odd “Chapter Three” verse which ends with a “to learn more go the site”. I bit. Good hook. There is even a contest on the website to win $5k if you write the next verse of this oddball story. Again, good marketing, Jack. My only complaint about your marketing skillz is how poorly your site is optimized for search engines (hey, it’s what I do)…at least fix your Title Tags.

And the wine…? The best sub-$10 zinfandel I’ve ever had. It came as a recommendation from a co-worker and lived up to expectations. The Wily Jack Zinfandel was $6 at the Harris Teeter grocery store. Very jammy plum flavors with a bit of pepper and tobacco on the finish. Nostrils fill with vanilla and oak. My wife felt it was a bit “grape juicy” and there is a bit of gumminess after a sip, but nothing stopping me from grabbing another bottle to verify a potential new house wine. I will warn you of the hangover…it will bite.

Welcome back, Marlboro Man.

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