December 26, 2009

Monte Antico 2006 Toscana

Monte Antico 2006 Toscana Wine
This red blend from the hills of Italy was an enjoyable red blend of 85% Sangiovese, 10% Cabernet, & 5% Merlot. Give it at least 30 minutes to breathe. It is much better as a dinner wine versus sipping without food. Very light and sweet with acidic overtones. The sweetness subsides a bit after it opens up, but is replaced with a bitterness on the finish. Wine Spectator gave this 90 points and put it as #61 on their top wines of 2009.

This Super Tuscan bottle was $10 at Costco. While decent, I wouldn't get it again despite Wine Spectator's admiration of the vintage. 4.5/10 rating from this wine spectator.

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