September 18, 2010

2006 El Coto Rioja Crianza

2006 El Coto Rioja Tempranillo
Ah, what my lawn looked like before the weeds and grubs started taking over. The chemicals would probably eat through the bottle today.

The El Coto Rioja was a good buy at $9, and did not disappoint. Thanks again Costco. I've come to realize you almost can't go wrong with about 70-80% of Costco wines...which is probably why they are the largest wine retailer in America. Speaking of popularity, El Coto is the #1 selling brand in Spain. Match made in, America...I suppose.

This inexpensive wine is made from the tempranillo grape. It's very light, but doesn't lack spice. Bright cherry on the forefront with a tint of raspberry. Tobacco on the finish. After reading another review mentioning coconut, I do notice it slightly on the finish.

7/10 rating. $9 at Costco. Well done.

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