February 19, 2008

2006 Cline Ancient Vines Zinfandel

Cline Zinfandel
Ah, another fine Campbell-wine-rack-standby. It's a bargain for a good everyday wine. Strong tobacco/cigar smells in this full-bodied zinfandel. Solid 7/10 and at $11 at Costco, you still have some coin left for a pizza slice or a dog/soda combo on the way out. (Sorry, this blog does not support the Chicken Bakes.)

If you've been to Sonoma, Cline is one of the first vineyards you'll pass on the way from SF after turning off the freeway when heading north to town. Unfortunately, all I saw was white sign from the road as my pregnant wife "wasn't going to drive me around to vineyards all day", apparently.

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