February 15, 2008

Clos du Bois 2006 Chardonnay

clos du bois chardonnay
I usually steer clear of the mass-producing vineyard staples, such as this, but it was the cheapest chardonnay available at Costco ($7.99) and I was on a mission to find a cheap cooking wine. A little chardonnay, water, mustard seed, bay leaves, sliced lemon, and red pepper flakes make for a great shrimp-boil.

Let's give the 2006 CdB North Coast Chardonnay a 5 for being a go-to standard that you can always find. It's nothing special or memorable, but it's not bad. So an "I don't hate it" rating of 5/10. This is standard wedding wine mass produced for mass drinkers...you may be familiar with the morning-after gut rot that comes with this territory, so limit the consumption of this one. No tears shed when the remainder goes down the drain. Spend an extra dollar for the Kendall-Jackson Chard as it has a bit more flavor to dance on your tongue.

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