March 9, 2008

Adam Rosenblatt meets his match: Pepperwood Grove Chard

adam rosenblatt tricia o'kelleyThe following post is from our friends & guest bloggers of the month - Adam Rosenblatt & Tricia O'Kelley from LA:

Pepperwood Grove California Chardonnay 2005 13.5% Alc by Vol

Mild aftertaste but it lingers, a lot. It’s definitely a CA chardonnay as it has the buttery flavor that coats your mouth as you drink it- however I threw it in the freezer for a few moments to taste it as if it had been in the fridge for a few days and that butteryness becomes a bit more of a sharp harsh flavor. Pepperwood Grove chardonnay

For $4.99 per bottle, it’s a good deal, I’ll say it again for $4.99 it’s a good deal. This in an inexpensive bottle and for the most part you can tell. That being said this would be good for a casual glass of wine, just home from work and don’t care if you only have a glass and have to throw the rest away, although I think 1-2 glasses is the most I could have. Would probably be good with a heavy fish, rich chicken dish or even a pasta in a heavier white sauce.

Rating out of 10: overall flavor 5, overall flavor for the price 7

How does wine fit into our lives?

My wife is pregnant now so it fell out of her life and I chose to pick up her slack.

I grew up in Northern California surrounded by wine, so wine has always been an integral part of my life. My favorite thing about wine is pairing it with food and seeing how a wine or a dish can change/compliment each other.

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