March 9, 2008

Vrac Cotes du Rhone 2006

Vrac Cotes du Rhone
This Cotes du Rhone needed over an hour to breathe - both flavor and smell were overpowered by the alcholyness. Deep purple in color and and i eventually tasted some cherry/sweet fruit. I can't imagine my leftover turkey burger brought out the best in this the first night, but some spicy tacos made an improvement tonight. 5/10...maybe it needs to age a few years to cool out, but I'm too impatient with a $10 bottle.

P.S. Drake Bulldogs MVC CHAMPS!!! Headed to the dance baby! If any NCAA officials are reading this, please put Drake and Duke in the same bracket in hopes of the ultimate Campbell household showdown!

P.P.S. my sister is in labor right now...raise your glasses and think good thoughts.

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