March 2, 2008

Water Color South Island Pinot Noir 2006

Water Color Pinot Noir
As you can see in the picture, the Water Color was very light. There was little smell or body to this Pinot Noir from the South Island of New Zealand. Sweet and fruity flavors. As we were waiting for someone to bust through the wall saying "oh yeah!", a grapefruit flavor was noticed in the finish. After that was pointed out, that's all I could taste. 7/10 rating, but if you are big into Pinot Noirs, give it a try as Sam's Wine called this "the best under $20 Pinot Noir we carry." We picked it up (and about 12 other bottles) at Sam's for $13. We typically enjoy full bodied/spicy wines, so the Pinot Noirs are rarely at the top of our list.

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