April 13, 2008

2005 Ajello Furat Sicilia

Ajello Furat
This Nero d'Avola from Sicily first caught my eye on a menu at a Frasca, an Italian wood oven pizza restaurant & wine bar across the street from us, and I've had it a few times since. Last night, it was our selection at Rose Angelis to accompany the over-ordering of pasta we all partook in. It's actually a red blend with cabernet, merlot, and syrah grapes complementing the Nero d'Avola flavors.

As my best reviews will come from my couch where I can focus on flavors, I can't say I remember many particulars other than it's a great Italian wine when you are looking for something a less dry and a bit more sweet than your typical chianti. Oak and vanilla flavors in the finish. "Spot on," says one from our party. 7/10 rating. It's in the mid-$30 at these mentioned restaurants, but can be found online for ~$18.

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