April 13, 2008

2005 Rosenblum North Coast Zinfandel

Rosenblum Zinfandel North Coast
While trying to kill the 1.5 hour wait for Rose Angeles, our party of 4 went across the street to Maeve to kill a bottle and start the evening. Our friends from Sydney were in town and mentioned they had never had a zinfandel wine and were curious to try it. Knowing I needed a wine to impress, the Klinker Brick I reviewed last week caught my eye on the menu. After placing our order, our sorry excuse for a waitress started to open a bottle which I didn't recognize (the Klinker has a pretty distinct bottle shape and label). "Oh, we were out of that, but this is close." Well, it was a Zinfandel...the 2005 Rosenblum North Coast Zinfandel, but the similarities ended there. This wine was very sweet, much too sweet for us. Deep blackberry/currant flavors, little finish.

As the bill came, they charged us $38 for the Klinker and if it wasn't for us meddling kids, this washed up waitress probably would have completed the bait and switch. I found the Rosenblum for $14-19 online. 1/10 rating for both the wine and having wine at Maeve.

P.S. We did learn something interesting from our Aussie friends during this bottle: In Australia, they do not use the word 'fanny' to refer to one's backside. In fact, they use it to refer to a very close area that appears on only females. When I asked if Scott had a 'fanny pack', the reaction was truly priceless.

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