April 20, 2008

2005 Eroica Riesling - Ch. Ste. Michelle

Eroica Riesling Washington
A little background on why this is the first of a very small number of Rieslings reviewed on this site... It was 2001, and I made the gutsy call to take a gal to a sushi restaurant for our first date. For wine, I stuck to a fine Riesling...a variety most everyone likes, and is especially known as an "entry wine" as they are only a few sugar notches away from a blended boat drink ;). Years passed (and I guess it went well, because we are married now), but I've never lived down making such a "novice" play on the wine choice. Can't win 'em all. I'll be toughing out this bottle on my own over the next many days. Rieslings are "too sweet" for her...guess that's why she ended up with me.

To the bottle...
OK, why not just put the "t" in the name 'cause that's what everyone is thinking. Second, why does it say "Dr. Loosen" at the bottom? With it's sexy name and sleek look, it has to be targeting a younger market. But the Dr. Loosen label & $24 price tag don't quite support that hypothesis. Flavors of a big ripe juicy peach and a light mandarin orange highlight this sweet selection. Pretty good, 7/10 rating and went quite well with my Jerk Chicken as it cooled the flames.

P.S. I just Googled "Eroica" and apparently it's the name of Beethoven's 3rd Symphony. It's also Italian for 'Hero'. Dr. L has a pretty big noggin to compare this to either ;)

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David Barnes said...

If for nothing else, I dig it for the crafty name.