June 1, 2008

Bodega Norton Reserva - 2005 Malbec

Bodega Norton Reserva 2005 Malbec
A great standby Malbec to pair with pizza, pasta, or steak. Or salmon, like tonight ;). A great value for an easy-to-find cheap wine - picked this up at Costco for $10.50, but online prices are from $13 to $18. I wouldn't pay more than $13 though. Very smooth at the start with a quick pepper on the finish that coats the mouth. Mostly blackberry standing out. 5/10 rating, can't go wrong here and it's easy to find.

P.S. This is the first week "A Wine A Week" stuck to it's name with only a single wine posted. Don't think I've gone soft - A German Fest down the road had me ziggy-zakky'ing steins and unfortunately not serving any Riesling or Guwerztraminer for me to blog about.

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