June 17, 2008

Charles de Fère Cuvèe Jean-Louis Blanc de Blanc Brut

Excellent Cheap Champagne
Back in Chicago after a long week in North Carolina with family - and it's time to celebrate with a bottle of champagne with a long French name. And why does champagne always have to be saved for a celebration?

Hands down, the best sub $15 bubbly I've ever had. At $7/bottle at Sam's Wine, this is one French import that you should try. It doesn't have that sharp aftertaste that many in this price range tend to have. It's a nice balance between sweet and dry, with neither overshadowing those fine bubbles. Clean and crisp on this fine summer's night. 8/10 rating gets "Chuck" de Fère in my best of class category.

Another reason to celebrate: As this is post #52 since AWineAWeek started in January...I've reached my annual wine goal (52 bottles) in half the time alloted. Here's to overachieving! ;)

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