July 13, 2008

2005 Chateau Puybarbe Côtes de Bourg

Chateau Puybarbe Côtes de Bourg
Everyone is raving about the 2005 Bordeaux's as one of the best years of all time. So how could I pass up this one for $13? Solid 6.5/10 rating.

The Chateau Puybarbe needed to decant for about 45-60 minutes as the tannins and granite/limestone flavors in the finish hit hard. We jokingly called the poor finish an "aftertaste". Major changes took place in the wine with an hour with some oxygen exposure and it turned out we really liked it. This is a medium-body wine, but the earthy/tannin bite makes for a strong finish. It's on the dryer side and would be delicious with red meat or red pasta.

Wikipedia says Côtes de Bourg wines are predominately made from merlot grapes, but this one probably has some cabernet sauvignon grapes involved as it's a bit strong. There's not much info on this one online...and no websites even sell this. Picked it up at Sam's Wine. I guess the lesson learned is if you can get a 2005 Bordeaux for under $15-20, roll the dice. This one worked out well.

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