August 3, 2008

Cameron Hughes | Lot 35 - 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon

I opened this bottle on Wednesday and am pretty happy it lasted to Sunday. Definitely got our enjoyment out of it as well. A potent oak and vanilla flavoring done well. After reading a review on another site, a 'grape soda' smell in the nostrils is certainly present. Somewhat dry and a good finish.

Apparently Cameron Hughes Wine is a wine trading company that sources small lots of grapes from multiple growers. Each wine is then marked by lot number. This one is from growers in the Yountville District. Good ole #35 gets 6.5/10 rating for this fine wine from the local Costco. $13. Thanks Cameron.

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Greg_Dyer said...

I really enjoyed this wine. Having tasted a handful of Cameron Hughes wines, the Lot 35 Cabernet falls into the typical CH rubric: extremely well crafted, but perhaps not attention grabbing enough to be priced higher. Fortunately, this suits my tastes perfectly. The Lot 35 isn't a typical bold Cabernet, which might displease some drinkers looking for a something jammy and alcoholic. There's a lovely subtle floral component to the nose, soft tannins, a touch of minerality, and excellent balance. And the wine may benefit from some cellaring to boot. Wine with this many layers to it usually does not come at this price, though individuals may prefer other styles (i.e. more fruit, less oak).