July 26, 2008

2005 Este de Bodegas Alto Almanzora

Bodegas Este
I love the simple label. So simple in fact, there is no year of the wine written on the bottle. Nor type of grape used. It's basically a bottle of mystery. Picked up this "Red Table Wine" from Costco for $7.50. Thanks to the compass on the label and some online translation tools, this genius figured out that "Este" means East. So why the overweight sheep? More mystery.

Big, strong flavors. I'd say shiraz or grenache grapes, but I'm no expert. Blackberry flavors, cola, oak, dry finish. Very well done for a cheap bottle of wine. Went quite well with BBQ chicken and fresh zucchini off the grill. Next visit to Costco, don't miss the bargain of the summer! 8/10 rating, factoring in that $7.50 price tag.

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