September 19, 2008

Tenimenti Angelini 2005 Toscana Rosso Tuttobene

Tenimenti Angelini 2005 Toscana Rosso Tuttobene
Wow, a great buy for $7. On day 1, after an hour in the decanter, "very dry, very Italian, very good" was my reaction. It's day two and the dryness has subsided a bit and given way to more plumby goodness. My wife liked it more on day 2, but I enjoyed day 1. Nose full of spice & herbs. 50% Merlot, 30% Canaiolo, 20% Sangiovese.

I love the sleek looks of this bottle. I also love the font & logo (see the T & B?). That's the marketing guy in me, but I bet when most see sleek, simple, and sexy...with a $7 price tag, they won't pass it up. Bonus: the contents are excellent. 7/10 rating for this gem from Costco.

Weeknight Italian? This is your wine.

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