September 12, 2008

Berço do Infante Estremadura 2006 Reserve

This one caught my taste buds at the local Chicago/Lakeview wine shoppe, Armanetti's - they were having a tasting of several Portuguese reds a few weeks back. The Berco do Infante was the best of the bunch and had also been rated the #3 best value of 2007 by one of the big wine mags (therefore a must have for

After looking up the Wine Enthusiast rankings, indeed the Berco do Infante was on the list...but it was the 2005, not the 2006 as I was sold. Armanetti's pulled the ole bait and switch (er, taste & switch!). Further, Wine Enthusiast notates the 2005 as a $7 wine, I paid $9 for the 2006. Sadly for Armanetti's, I will no longer be shopping there to avoid further trickery (which is sad 'cause they have my fav scotch at a good deal).

On to the wine. It was what you'd expect out of a $9 wine, some highlights in a nice floral bouquet on the nose, and some lowlights in a very mild flavor and jammy aftertaste. Some subtle grapefruit tones in the early finish after you give the glass some big swirls. A bit sour on the finish. Average ranking: 5.5/10. Roll the dice on a different bottle and a different wine shop.

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