March 6, 2009

Torres 2005 Ribera del Duero Crianza Celeste

Torres 2005 Ribera del Duero Crianza Celeste
I was running out of backgrounds, so a picture of a picture will have to do. Good news, we signed a contract on our house, so we'll be moving from Chicago to Charlotte shortly!

The label, with all of the constellations, reminds me of my bedroom ceiling in during high school. You know, with those glow in the dark stars and planets that weren't noticeable in the daylight? I decorated it with my girlfriend at the time and she put her symbol, Cassiopeia, right above my bed. Ah, 10th grade love. Great label.

This wine was tougher to pin, maybe because I'm not use to drinking Spanish wine or the types of grapes used. The Celeste is certainly a bold, strong wine that's not for the weak of heart. The tanins are intense with the plum, blackberry, and earth flavors being that rise to the top on my palate. Dry finish. The Tinto Fino was the specific grape from the Tempranillo used for this wine, definitely a first for me.

Very enjoyable for my wife and I as we enjoy a full-bodied wine, but I would recommend trying this yourself before serving it to guests. My hunch is it's not a crowd pleaser. $15 at Costco, 6/10 rating.

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Caroline said...

I love you, but that's the lamest photo yet! Please don't associate our daughter with your vino habit, LOL.