April 22, 2009

2003 Tormaresca Salento Masseria Maime Negroamaro

Maime Negroamaro
This is the wine to beat this year. Luckily, someone with a fine palate selected this wine for us at a rehearsal dinner when we were in Seattle for a wedding. The group definitely took down a good case of this wine and everyone was commenting on how great it was. Dinner at Osteria la Spiga was also excellent.

Although quite tacky, I secretly looked the delicious bottle up on a menu and it was only $42! Excellent price for this gem. After taking this phone shot, I looked it up online and found it for around $28/bottle. If I had the coin, I'd scoop up a half dozen or so asap. The Maime Negroamaro may just be the first wine I buy online. 10/10 rating - Buy, buy, buy!!!

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