April 5, 2009

St. Julian Blue Heron Semi-Sweet White

St. Julian Blue Heron

No year, no specific grape mentions. It's just a generic "semi-sweet Michigan table wine" per the bottle. This was given to me from a co-worker who was a fan of my blog as this was his favorite under $10 wine (thanks Matt Marshall!). What's interesting about this wine is that fresh fruit juice is added to the wine just before bottling. That process brings the alcohol content down to 9%. I'd bet this wine brings out the best (or worse) U of M and MSU undergrads similar to the sweet "wines" I remember from Boone's Farm (Strawberry Hill anyone?).

Heck, that round gold sticker proves it's a Gold Medal Winner from 2007's Wine Lover's Competition. It's a bit too sweet for me - similar to apple juice. Plus, most folks would need to kill the entire bottle to get a minor buzz. 3/10...sorry Matt ;). The bottle came from "Tiffany's" for $7.99. I think that's a drug store in MI.

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David J Barnes said...

I'd drink it if it weren't from Michigan.