May 7, 2009

Montoya 2006 Zinfandel

Montoya 2006 Zinfandel Wine

Hailing from Paso Robles, CA, the Montoya Zinfandel did not meet my expectations. Not that it was a bad wine, it was much lighter than I expected. It still had those spicy tannins on the finish, but the start was much lighter, similar to a pinot noir. There were some slightly sour cherry and cranberry flavors in there as well. I think the Montoya Zin needs a nice spicy meal to bring out the full experience of this wine.

I was drawn to this wine as a bottle had been previously gifted to me by a Mr. & Mrs. Montoya (no relation to vineyard), who thought it was pretty cool to tote around bottles of wine with their last name (all the Campbell name gets me is scotch). She was a college friend and he was my manager from an internship and first job. They met when I hired Nikki to work for me (er, us). Awkward for a bit there. They are still happily married after meeting 10 years ago and have two kids. The relationship worked because it fit the formula: half your age plus 7 is the youngest you can date. Well done Mr. Montoya.

I give this wine a 6/10. Above average, but no socks were blown off. Cheers to my first purchase from Total Wine in NC - $13.

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