June 26, 2009

2006 Bodegas Osborne Solaz

2006 Bodegas Osborne Solaz
One complaint on this well-price wine, the finish coats your entire mouth and doesn't leave. It's the kind of gummy coating that is typical for a wine in this range (so i've learned). The end result is you'll continue to drink to avoid that coat and end up killing the bottle in no time. I'm drinking alone (for the next 9+ months as the wife is expecting) so hope I don't finish this bottle tonight.

On to the good. It's $6 at Costco and a good cheap wine. 5.5/10 rating, so above average and you can't beat the price. Don't let my rant above deter you...just serve with food and you'll be fine. Very bold & spicy with some nice oak undertones. 80% tempranillo, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon makes for a good strong mix. Worth trying...interested in your opinions...

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Drea said...

Found this wine at Costco and picked it up as it was labeled for 87 pts. Opened it just this evening and myself and the roommate agree its worse than we expected. There are some nice legs and undertones, but the tannins... WHEW. This baby has an post-swallow taste just sort of... salty. You're right. Drink it with some food. No need for additional seasoning.