July 9, 2009

Fetzer Pinot Noir - 2007

Fetzer Pinot Noir

Expensive communion wine. Basically a $9.99 bottle of grape fruit juice. Very sweet. Major vineyard producing for the masses, I suppose. Picked this up at the local grocery store (Harris Teeter) on an endcap. 2/10 rating as I'll probably drink it...I save the 1's for the wines that go down the drain immediately.

My apologies for missing the weekly wine review last week...busy with the BBQ and beers. Tough to drink wine while boating/grilling/in pools/etc. Just sayin'. Wine in a can? I'd review it.

Update: this wine got worse by the hour. Hardly drinkable on day two and down the drain on day three. Knock 'er down to 1/10 rating. Avoid it.

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