June 5, 2009

2007 Snap Dragon Cabernet Sauvignon

2007 Snap Dragon Cabernet Sauvignon
Well, I expected worse. $6.99 endcap at the local grocery (Harris Teeter) screamed 'buy me without thinking much about it'. Well, I looked at the bright colors, cool picture, and sweet name and did just that. While I can't say this was amazing, it wasn't bad. 4.5/10 rating. I'd put this in the class with three buck chuck - a decent week night wine for cheap.

It's a bit jammy with slight oak and tannins typical for a cab. Not enough 'goodness' to make me want a second glass. My wife commented it has a very strong scent as she caught the whif from across the couch.

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Elizabeth said...

I just had this wine out at a restaurant tonight and thought it was awesome. I would have thought it was much pricier and I bought several bottles @ this price for the two glasses I had. LOL. Didn't disaapoint!