July 25, 2009

Courtney Benham 2006 Stags Leap District Cabernet Sauvignon

Courtney Benham 2006 Stags Leap District Cabernet Sauvignon
I was quite excited when I received this bottle as a gift and saw the relationship to Stag's Leap. With Stag grapes and a name this long, it must be great, right? Unfortunately my expectations were too high as this turned out to be a very average wine. It wasn't bad, I just think you can do better. It's also great to note that my wife was finally able to enjoy a small glass now that she's in the 2nd trimester of her pregnancy (boy due around xmas).

The dark purple color was the first thing I noticed as I poured two glasses Floral on the nose and a bit tart on the tounge. The licorice flavor really stood out to me (as I'm not a fan of black licorice and question the sanity of those who are). Dark cherries and blackberries also chimed in for a nice rounded mouthful of flavors. Pepper, tannins, and mild-dryness on the finish.

If I was to guess the price based on flavor, I'd put it around $14...and would have been pretty satisfied. Upon a bit of Internet research, it actually price out closer to $30...which leaves us with an unimpressed 4/10 rating for this overpriced wine.

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