March 6, 2010

Michael David 7 Deadly Zins 2007 Zinfandel

Michael David 7 Deadly Zins 2007 Zinfandel
Seven growers from Lodi, California combined grapes to bring you this inexpensive zinfandel. $12 at Costco.

Sloth is the deadly sin you'll want to avoid with this bottle. A thick, hearty wine full of tobacco smokeyness was excellent on the first night...but the second night leftovers left me wishing I overcame the apathy to finish it when it was opened. By night two, some of the bitterness came out, as well as a "cheapy" berry flavor, and the delicious smokeyness had resided.

This wine went from a (deadly) "7" ranking to a "5" over two nights, so I'll drop it at a 6/10 and leave you with the advice to avoid sloth and get 'er done the first night. Great buy - big and bold, a great compliment to your Spring grilling.

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