January 2, 2009

Bogle Vineyards 2006 Petite Sirah

Sorry for the hiatus, loyal readers. I've been in Naples, Florida at the parents house for the holidays. Several wines from that visit in my back pocket, so stay tuned.

This Bogle Petite Sirah was a pleasant surprise. My expectations were low with the low, $9, price point (from Costco) and the popular name/label that didn't come with the best sterotype. My first encounters with Bogle Wines comes in the late 90s when I was waiting tables at a Jewish Deli in Minneapolis during college summers. Fellow waiters would toss back glasses one of the three wines Zaroff's Deli offered (Black Opal, Hess Select, & Bogle) while waiting for the rush (or just get a bottle from the liquor store next door). Looking back, it was always a dumb idea because if you got real busy, you'd wished you weren't buzzed. Wish I could replace some of those brain cells...but those were some fun years.

As I was saying, this wine impressed me when comparing it to those binge drinking episodes of 10+ years back. My only complaint was the slightly gummy finish (I can sense the purple teeth coming). My nose is currently not taking smells due to a cold, but the immediate flavors of cherry with a hint of blueberry are nice. Slightly dry in the finish leaving that blueberry flavor to linger. Smooth & easy to drink while still having some distinction for an intermediate wine snob - great everyday wine: 6/10 rating.

My suggestion to Bogle: spin off a trendier label with this wine; the kids will dig it.

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