July 24, 2010

Allan Scott 2009 Sauvignon Blanc Wine

Allan Scott 2009 Sauvignon Blanc Wine
The only thing disappointing about this wine is the crappy picture I took of it. Especially because I’m placing it on my top tier list, so I’m placing this picture with the best inexpensive wines I’ve tasted. The rating was a high 7/low 8 – and with the low price tag, 8/10 it is. I’m going to grab a few bottles on my next trip – great light and crisp wine for the summer.

There are a few snobby wine habits I’ve picked up over the years; one being only drinking Sauvignon Blanc hailing from Marlborough, New Zealand. This typically doesn’t fail, might want to write that one down (cally sav generally being much sweeter and less citrus). Alan Scott did not disappoint…in fact was a bit surprised that a $12 wine was so enjoyable. I’m finding the ‘staff picks’ from Total Wine are pretty reliable – and they don’t seem to be used to push products with high margins/inventory. This sauvignon blanc was one gal’s pick, and I’d thank her if I remembered her name ;)

The citrus/lime flavors are somewhat masked by the sweeter aromas of peach. The lingering finish is great (somewhat creamy even); it’s not the gummy/lime flavor that many sauvignon blancs in this price range have. Don’t pass this one up!

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