August 3, 2010

Schild Estate Barossa unwooded Chardonnay 2008

Am I allowed to be undecieded on a wine?

My mother and law was talked into this bottle of vino by the aisle pimp (that's someone who hawks the wine in the stores, most likely making commission on the sale) at Fresh Market. The story on this wine is it's "unwooded", which means it's not aged in the oak barrels. What a's more a mix of Pinot Grigio (slight sweetness...peachy, apricot) & Sauvignon Blanc (somewhat gummy & citrus). A few rocky flavors as well.

There are no buttery/oak flavors one would expect with a Chardonnay, which is why I'm having a tough time comparing this. I wouldn't buy it again, so let's call it a 4/10.

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